Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bella's Valentine Day Bracelet - 2012

It's here! The 2012 edition of our valentine's day bracelet is now available!
I included one picture here
- but a few more shots are available on my website. So other than valentine's day - what was the inspiration?
For those friends and family (and clients whom I loving include in my meaning of "friends") - know that I wear a very special bracelet. For Christmas 2010 I asked that no one buy me gifts, and if they wanted to give me something, to pick one charm for my own pandora style bracelet - every charm had to mean something, had to have a story or some inspiration behind it. I wanted a reflection of those people dear to me. Well - the inspiration of our 2012 valentine's came from a bead that my husband bought for me, the red hearts barrell. I just LOVE this bead! (there is a link on my facebook page to the pandora site of the authentic pandora bead). Well, I knew that 2012 would have to incorporate this bead...
Of course - many trials and error (again if you know anything about me - i agonize over details and patterns and design) - I believe I have come up with a beautiful design that I can share with you. So enjoy my dears, At the moment I have two bracelets in stock - I plan on ordering more before valentine's day - (if cash flow allows me - remember I am out of work so I have to be careful when spending the $$$) .

Stay well,

xo - J

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