Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Special Bracelet

Ok I just posted, I know - but the sentimental part of me had to blog about just what beads i have on my special bracelet. It's the most important physical object I possess, other than my engagement ring.

From my husband:
The bracelet itself
One heart - for us
2 barrel bracelets in shades of purple/blue which reminded him of our honeymoon to aruba - where I oogled over the tanzinite gem, My favorite gem. Click here for the replica.
The Red enamel heart bead - For our love (*tears*)
From my brother:
One baby carriage - because I love babies, because I love my kids, because if there is one thing that defines me in their eyes, it is as a mom. That makes me smile.
From another brother
One teddy bear - apparently this is a very defining quality, and again - all smiles.
From my mom:
Double pandora hearts bead - because I am her little girl (*tears*) - she wrote me a beautiful letter with this bead, which I kept. I am, my mommy's little girl no matter what my age. (*more tears*) If I wasn't a mommy myself - I would never understand this.
From my mom in law:
"g", "e", "i" - the initials of my babies - I think that there is no more important bead to me - then my three angels
a plane - for our trip to france (*tears*) My hubby and I were not even married at the time, but 10 years later here we are, and my in laws (whom I love with all my heart and miss terribly since their move) remember the best trip of my life that I got to share with them.
From my favorite co-worker/friend
the sunshine bead - because that is our nickname for each other is - "sunshine". This is very special - because it symbolizes for me another dear friend who passed away. Back story - the greatest compliment I ever received was from a boss and then friend. She said to me one day "when you walk in the door, you're like a ray of sunshine, no matter what the situation (referring to work), everyone somehow takes to you, you make people smile. You're just like sunshine" As I was TG's sunshine, AS is mine.
From a customer - DB
my initials "j" "l" - her card read: "just because we wanted you to know how much your jewelry and designs touched us in our hearts" (*tears*)
For some people - jewelry is an accessory, for me it is a way to capture small moments, small reflections, a meaningful expression. There are back stories to so many of my designs but until now - I have never spoke of them, at least not so publically until now.

Stay well,

xo - J

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