Saturday, January 28, 2012

This month - my favorite bracelet!

The Daisy

Love it....I have been in love with these beige and blue petal beads....and finally after a year - I found the perfect fit for them. Guess what I will be wearing tomorrow!

xo - J

Friday, January 20, 2012

Our Premium Line

Over the next couple of months you will notice a few higher end items coming out. For now, and in time for Valentine's, two more bracelets have been born!
"Jezebel's Garden"

"Love Spell"

Both are strung on sterling silver bracelets and loaded with my favorite charms.

"rapture" a 'non' charm bracelet is in the works....I won't give you any additional details, but think sterling silver, and Authentic Swarovski components....

OOOH wait one more that I love....just for Valentine's day "Be Mine"

xo - J

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Golden Globes - our favorite looks!

SO here it is, bella's favorite looks of the 2012 golden globes, and one or two or our not so favorites...
angelina jolie

charlize theron

debra messing
elle macpherson

Kathleen robertson

Katie Mcphee


Maria Menounos - the yellow I can do without - but the hair - I love the hair


Again - Missi's Hair...LOVE IT



and I don't now if this is truly the worst - but my god it looks like a curtain - sharon osbourne

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The necklace every girl should own

The next time you're trying on that perfect know, the one you put on that makes you feel skinny with all the right curves where they should be... I hope that you own a piece like this one, it's the kind of necklace that no one can ignore.

Bella welcomes the scroll necklace - we imagine the compliments and oooohhhs and ahhhs you will receive wearing this item. It's unique and sexy - the perfect compliment for the perfect outfit. And my goodness it is a steal! Check us out to order, and I am confident you will be pleased.

And just a reminder that valentine's day is just a month's time to get that special girl in your life, something that she will love...even if that special girl is yourself!!! lol.

XO - J

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Long Island's 2012 trends
Fashion must haves in 2012 - (beyond jewelry) From bags to clothing - to accessories - We thought the fashion lovers on our pages would like to peruse this link! xo - J

Friday, January 6, 2012

With Life there is the Certainty of Death

On the eve of the anniversary of my father's death I reflect on all those moments in between. For those who have lost a parent, particularly at a younger age, I think you can understand the challenges and even silent suffering that occurs. At these age, my biggest challenge is all of the "what ifs".

If my father was still here with me,

would he have been proud?
what kind of grandfather would he had been?
would our relationship, strained at the time, find peace?
what kind of daughter would I have been?
would I continue my anger or forgiven him at some point?
what would his involvement be in my life at this time?


I miss you daddy, know that I am thinking of you, not just tomorrow, but everyday.

xo - J Designs by Bella of New York

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Special Bracelet

Ok I just posted, I know - but the sentimental part of me had to blog about just what beads i have on my special bracelet. It's the most important physical object I possess, other than my engagement ring.

From my husband:
The bracelet itself
One heart - for us
2 barrel bracelets in shades of purple/blue which reminded him of our honeymoon to aruba - where I oogled over the tanzinite gem, My favorite gem. Click here for the replica.
The Red enamel heart bead - For our love (*tears*)
From my brother:
One baby carriage - because I love babies, because I love my kids, because if there is one thing that defines me in their eyes, it is as a mom. That makes me smile.
From another brother
One teddy bear - apparently this is a very defining quality, and again - all smiles.
From my mom:
Double pandora hearts bead - because I am her little girl (*tears*) - she wrote me a beautiful letter with this bead, which I kept. I am, my mommy's little girl no matter what my age. (*more tears*) If I wasn't a mommy myself - I would never understand this.
From my mom in law:
"g", "e", "i" - the initials of my babies - I think that there is no more important bead to me - then my three angels
a plane - for our trip to france (*tears*) My hubby and I were not even married at the time, but 10 years later here we are, and my in laws (whom I love with all my heart and miss terribly since their move) remember the best trip of my life that I got to share with them.
From my favorite co-worker/friend
the sunshine bead - because that is our nickname for each other is - "sunshine". This is very special - because it symbolizes for me another dear friend who passed away. Back story - the greatest compliment I ever received was from a boss and then friend. She said to me one day "when you walk in the door, you're like a ray of sunshine, no matter what the situation (referring to work), everyone somehow takes to you, you make people smile. You're just like sunshine" As I was TG's sunshine, AS is mine.
From a customer - DB
my initials "j" "l" - her card read: "just because we wanted you to know how much your jewelry and designs touched us in our hearts" (*tears*)
For some people - jewelry is an accessory, for me it is a way to capture small moments, small reflections, a meaningful expression. There are back stories to so many of my designs but until now - I have never spoke of them, at least not so publically until now.

Stay well,

xo - J

Bella's Valentine Day Bracelet - 2012

It's here! The 2012 edition of our valentine's day bracelet is now available!
I included one picture here
- but a few more shots are available on my website. So other than valentine's day - what was the inspiration?
For those friends and family (and clients whom I loving include in my meaning of "friends") - know that I wear a very special bracelet. For Christmas 2010 I asked that no one buy me gifts, and if they wanted to give me something, to pick one charm for my own pandora style bracelet - every charm had to mean something, had to have a story or some inspiration behind it. I wanted a reflection of those people dear to me. Well - the inspiration of our 2012 valentine's came from a bead that my husband bought for me, the red hearts barrell. I just LOVE this bead! (there is a link on my facebook page to the pandora site of the authentic pandora bead). Well, I knew that 2012 would have to incorporate this bead...
Of course - many trials and error (again if you know anything about me - i agonize over details and patterns and design) - I believe I have come up with a beautiful design that I can share with you. So enjoy my dears, At the moment I have two bracelets in stock - I plan on ordering more before valentine's day - (if cash flow allows me - remember I am out of work so I have to be careful when spending the $$$) .

Stay well,

xo - J

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