Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Amazing Blue Topaz...stop...AMAZING blue Topaz

I discovered a new vendor...now I found their products on ebay...pretty expensive but all of my customers have been very fond of the Black Sapphire tennis bracelet. Well...if I order direct from them, I can get major discounts for bulk .... BYE BYE EBAY.

I just got another purchase in from them today...STUNNING

So with that said - THis week I will be putting in a new order direct from them - which means I can offer to you all much cheaper....

To my dismay - the blue topaz bracelet here...was not offered for a discount...looks like if it sells well I will be back to Ebay for that one. :(


- J

Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Sexiest pieces this week...

Hello sweethearts! I have a couple of cute items I want to brag about...

This bead is a touch larger than my others - and I love that because it is still the same price, but you get more bang for your buck...- and it has flowers...those are my fav.

This one is the $20 quick fix...because you can add to any style - just for taking a casual jeans and top --> to the next level

For the divas like me that need one piece that goes with everything! This little sexy number has cz stones inside the beads

and lastly - our peacock earrings - a HUGE hit..I have 2 pairs left!!! gold and pink designs -unique, I do have gold and blue...if you prefer... but my favorite part of these is that that are very chic, very stunning, it's a hard design to pull off...but well worth it. Xo -J

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A ton of new items are in (yay!) - and I just have to share them with you. But before I do I must let you know about a new site I found.... www.tophatter.com - it's a live auction site and not only can you bid on fantastic items (not just jewelry) at low low prices, but you can get BELLA PIECES less than retail. (double yay!)

If you are part of our Facebook page - every once in while I will post when I am in a lot or bid...but I encourage you to check out the site regardless and support artists like myself for a variety of very awesome items. Now for just a handful of some of the favorite items that I created this week:
This is

"Cassie" - LOVE IT

I created this last weekend - if you're looking for a delicate piece that will get lots of compliments - this is it

Peacock earrings - i mean really- does anything say diva more than peacock earrings!


Enjoy my dears - I hope all of my fellow mother's out there, as well as sisters, daughters and friends of mother's had a wonder mother's day. Oh and please join our website - it makes me look good when I have lots of members... ;)

Remember, take care of each other,