Sunday, November 4, 2012

No power? NOT a problem! Just a minor situation.

We continue to ship your orders, despite the pre-modern conditions, it just means a little extra work on our part. so if you have ordered from us in the past week, no worries, we will still provide you with a tracking number, and perhaps a small delay of 48 hours or so, as we can't print shipping labels here, we have to print them offsite or visit the post office to process manually. yet we are committed! More importantly, we would like to take a moment to be appreciate for all that we do have. Perhaps we don't have heat, perhaps we don't have lights, perhaps we struggle with long gas lines, and shortages in various ways. There are many obstacles that Hurricane Sandy has imposed, yet at here at the bella household, we remain thankful for our family. We are together, cold, frustated, of course, but together. The health and safety of our family, friends, and loved ones, is far more important than anything else. On a side note, I am very much looking forward to a hot shower. Stay warm my friends, Xo Bella

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Running a business is not easy...

So as many of you may know, my Bella items appear on Tophatter live auction website.

My prices are fairly below market price, it helps me to move inventory, and it helps get new customers to sign up in my boutique.

I am very very grateful to have a found another medium to display some amazing items.

But tonight I have another concern - one that concerns a very small group of customers.

Tophatter offers the opportunity to rate a seller, either negative, neutral or positive.

Today i received a neutral rating.

This was the comment I received: "I had to email her when it was going to be sent since it was close to 2 weeks since I ordered the item. If there was a problem, I wish she would have communicated it to me so I knew about it. The product was as described."

I was hurt by this feedback. My listing said that my item would ship within 2 weeks. I am unsure why the person assumed there was a problem, as it shipped within 5 days, and a tracking number was provided.

What was I to communicate? there was no deviation in my performance compared to my listing. Is it possible that the customer did not read the lsting? and created expectations that were not promised? maybe...

But then on top of this I had received an email....stating that the item sent had black stones and not blue stones. They wanted "something done for them" I asked for a picture of the item to see what was the problem, they never sent. 6 days later than received another item from me, to say that the mixed lot of beads did not have enough variety in them, and she wanted something done for her....?

Now I reread my listing, said it was a mixed lot. Again I cannot understand how my performance deviated from what was sold. I reach out to this customer 2x after the first email and another response to address the "mixed" lot.

My response indicated, that I was unsure how to resolve, as there was no specific pattern or arrangement of colored beads in the listing, and at no time did she communicate her desires, so I am unsure how to satisfy a very subjective request.

Now anyone that purchases from my website, I have never ever ever had a complaint or problem or dissatisfction. However, in light of the above incidents, I am becoming much more skeptical and guarded with respect to listing on Tophatter.

Anyone who knows me personally, knows that I love this boutiqe, it is not a big money maker, more like a vaccum on my wallet, but I do so enjoy making people happy.

my recent experience with tophatter is very discouraging - and I am unsurewhat more that I can do to encourage individuals to be responsible for reading the lots, or communicating specific desires/preferences.

I am very hurt

Thursday, September 13, 2012

2012 Fall Fashions at Bella + one special offer Here are some cute items that we created since being back from Europe:

Click for Special offerTiny Prints 10 Free Thank You Cards
Download your own photos for home decor- jpg files create collages, use for school projects, or we will print them for you! Pink rose necklace on silk ribbon Have you signed up at Bella yet? Get 15% off for new customers, old customers - check your email for the September coupon code for 20% off discount. want more? Sign up as a follower on our blog and get an additional 5% off all bella all the time.



Thursday, August 16, 2012

Visit London

Bella Braclets and incredible boutique jewelry - we offer one of a kind designs that won't break your wallet. Our jewelry is of the highest quality and is made to impress. Never settle - Be Bold, Be Sassy and Dare to be Bella

Just a few exciting pics of our visit to london - paris will be next week - so stay tuned for more pictures... if you want more visit us on face book!
Charles Dickens School - written about in Oliver Twist!

st.pauls = a lot of steps

Tower of London

Join us on Facebook for more pictures! Follow our blog and get 5% off everypurchase, every day - CAN be combined with other orders

xo- J

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Our Newest Items and HUGE promotions!

Bella Braclets and incredible boutique jewelry - we offer one of a kind designs that won't break your wallet. Our jewelry is of the highest quality and is made to impress. Never settle - Be Bold, Be Sassy and Dare to be Bella

Let's start off with the goodies!

Join our blog and you will get 5% off all purchases! How it works is you join as a follower here, then sign up at I will get an email that I have a new follower - then look for your account at bella - at which time I enter you as a "blogger" which automatically deducts you 5% on everything - even sale items. all followers down will get the same discount because I love you.

Next - we are continuing our "like us on facebook get $5 off" - for new customers or rather new Likes only.

And MY FAVORITE - buy any two sterling silver charms and get the bracelet for free!!! OK now how cool is that? I am offering through 9/1/12 because the first promotion went so well - I just had to redo.

So now - let me flaunt my most favorite items

I have been sewing like crazy - these cute wallets were created today - are meant to compete with miss vera wang and I must say - the satin liner is what does it for me....not to mention because they are sewn one at a time and not mass produced, you get that quality feel...

Now for polka dot baby bloomers - HUGE seller! I don't think I need to say more on this one.

Next our Alice in Wonderland necklace - I have sold about 15 of these in the past month - and I have gotten some very wonderful feedback on them

And some of our newest .925 core beads - Pandora eat your heart out!!!

Can't forget this gem- I sold 5 in about a week...maybe just over a week - but so far - another one that I have just gotten great feedback on.

As always don't forget to join our blog and visit our facebook page!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sewing So I have been getting more and more into sewing - as the possibilities are just endless. Here is some pictures of items I created this week. (Don't worry - Jewelry is still my number one - and I am anxiously awaiting for my wire wrapping supplies to come in, as i have some great ideas!)

Sexy Sweetheart Apron I've seen several Aprons like this for $85 (no joke, and in stores like bead bath and beyond, for $40. Personally i think it just cute to hang in the kitchen - as I love the colors. I have another one - SummerSweet on it's way...

Pheasant Skirts - LOVE LOVE LOVE this

Pheasant Skirts - LOVE LOVE LOVE this

As always don't forget to join our blog and visit our facebook page!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

I've been getting artistic...

So recently I have been exploring wire jewelry and gemstones. For those of you who have had a chance to peek at us at - you'll notice a couple of new items. This weekend I created three special pieces which took me hours to complete, a couple of trial and errors, but the final product was completely worth it.

Probably the most expensive piece as this incorporates my 6CT amethyst with silver scrolls - the amethyst is unheated, and just cut from stone - very desirable selection - so you can imagine that I am not making a profit on this sale.

The Summertime Necklace This is just the perfect necklace to dress up any sundress or outfit for a summer BBQ - comes with a handmade pendant and Swarovski dangles - (heart is 14mm!!!)

This is my "dreamer". This took the longest to create as I wanted to scrolls to be distressed without being too broken looking. This however is only a pendant as I couldn't fit to the perfect chain - so I leave it up to you to place on the perfect chain. It is suppose to imitate my own dreams, offcenter, fragile and the color not to vivid or obnoxious, but soft. Oh - and it is very large - approximately 40mm

Now for a couple of sterling pieces I picked up this weekend. The daughter - in Sterling silver and will fit that pandora - only $12

The Hearts barrel all Sterling for your pandora only $15...(beat that PANDORA!! ha ha ha)

A couple of other cute items were added, as well! We have had been pretty busy this weekend!Including our dance recital!!!

On another note...I notice about 100 hits on my blogs but only 4 followers!?!?! Sign up people!!! -it will make be smile.

Have a fantastic Sunday!



Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Amazing Blue Topaz...stop...AMAZING blue Topaz

I discovered a new I found their products on ebay...pretty expensive but all of my customers have been very fond of the Black Sapphire tennis bracelet. Well...if I order direct from them, I can get major discounts for bulk .... BYE BYE EBAY.

I just got another purchase in from them today...STUNNING

So with that said - THis week I will be putting in a new order direct from them - which means I can offer to you all much cheaper....

To my dismay - the blue topaz bracelet here...was not offered for a discount...looks like if it sells well I will be back to Ebay for that one. :(


- J

Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Sexiest pieces this week...

Hello sweethearts! I have a couple of cute items I want to brag about...

This bead is a touch larger than my others - and I love that because it is still the same price, but you get more bang for your buck...- and it has flowers...those are my fav.

This one is the $20 quick fix...because you can add to any style - just for taking a casual jeans and top --> to the next level

For the divas like me that need one piece that goes with everything! This little sexy number has cz stones inside the beads

and lastly - our peacock earrings - a HUGE hit..I have 2 pairs left!!! gold and pink designs -unique, I do have gold and blue...if you prefer... but my favorite part of these is that that are very chic, very stunning, it's a hard design to pull off...but well worth it. Xo -J

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A ton of new items are in (yay!) - and I just have to share them with you. But before I do I must let you know about a new site I found.... - it's a live auction site and not only can you bid on fantastic items (not just jewelry) at low low prices, but you can get BELLA PIECES less than retail. (double yay!)

If you are part of our Facebook page - every once in while I will post when I am in a lot or bid...but I encourage you to check out the site regardless and support artists like myself for a variety of very awesome items. Now for just a handful of some of the favorite items that I created this week:
This is

"Cassie" - LOVE IT

I created this last weekend - if you're looking for a delicate piece that will get lots of compliments - this is it

Peacock earrings - i mean really- does anything say diva more than peacock earrings!

Enjoy my dears - I hope all of my fellow mother's out there, as well as sisters, daughters and friends of mother's had a wonder mother's day. Oh and please join our website - it makes me look good when I have lots of members... ;)

Remember, take care of each other,


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Still on the vintage kick!

A couple of pieces added, one I believe is just a new pic of an old item.

The black sapphire is my favorite - it's amazing and delicate in white gold plated heart chain, and of course semi precious black sapphires. You can add the matching earrings for just $5

Friday, April 20, 2012

The must have

So when I saw this picture - I was totally in love. But would I actually WEAR IT? it's one of those pieces that you see in fashion mags. or advertisements. Could I pull this off?
You can. Believe it or not, it's a simple piece -our bronze layered heart accentuates your neck light grab it for mother's day only $16