Thursday, December 29, 2011

Top Ten 2012 Jewelry Trends

All right my I have been doing some research and believe I have found the top ten trends for 2012 (spring only) for jewelry. Starting from the top:

10. Choker Necklaces
9. Anything Blue
8. Crosses
7. Handmade Jewelry - (wow this works for me!)
6. Antique or Victorian look
5. Floral designs
4. Chandelier Earrings
3. Gold with gemstones
2. The Chunkier the better
1. Gold Gold and more Gold - colored anyways, precious metals are out, vintage is in
So I am a little disappointed that the choker necklaces did not rank higher as I was getting ready to lay out and prepare a new line of chokers....guess I will put that on the back burner.

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