Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Sexiest pieces this week...

Hello sweethearts! I have a couple of cute items I want to brag about...

This bead is a touch larger than my others - and I love that because it is still the same price, but you get more bang for your buck...- and it has flowers...those are my fav.

This one is the $20 quick fix...because you can add to any style - just for taking a casual jeans and top --> to the next level

For the divas like me that need one piece that goes with everything! This little sexy number has cz stones inside the beads

and lastly - our peacock earrings - a HUGE hit..I have 2 pairs left!!! gold and pink designs -unique, I do have gold and blue...if you prefer... but my favorite part of these is that that are very chic, very stunning, it's a hard design to pull off...but well worth it. Xo -J

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