Thursday, October 18, 2012

Running a business is not easy...

So as many of you may know, my Bella items appear on Tophatter live auction website.

My prices are fairly below market price, it helps me to move inventory, and it helps get new customers to sign up in my boutique.

I am very very grateful to have a found another medium to display some amazing items.

But tonight I have another concern - one that concerns a very small group of customers.

Tophatter offers the opportunity to rate a seller, either negative, neutral or positive.

Today i received a neutral rating.

This was the comment I received: "I had to email her when it was going to be sent since it was close to 2 weeks since I ordered the item. If there was a problem, I wish she would have communicated it to me so I knew about it. The product was as described."

I was hurt by this feedback. My listing said that my item would ship within 2 weeks. I am unsure why the person assumed there was a problem, as it shipped within 5 days, and a tracking number was provided.

What was I to communicate? there was no deviation in my performance compared to my listing. Is it possible that the customer did not read the lsting? and created expectations that were not promised? maybe...

But then on top of this I had received an email....stating that the item sent had black stones and not blue stones. They wanted "something done for them" I asked for a picture of the item to see what was the problem, they never sent. 6 days later than received another item from me, to say that the mixed lot of beads did not have enough variety in them, and she wanted something done for her....?

Now I reread my listing, said it was a mixed lot. Again I cannot understand how my performance deviated from what was sold. I reach out to this customer 2x after the first email and another response to address the "mixed" lot.

My response indicated, that I was unsure how to resolve, as there was no specific pattern or arrangement of colored beads in the listing, and at no time did she communicate her desires, so I am unsure how to satisfy a very subjective request.

Now anyone that purchases from my website, I have never ever ever had a complaint or problem or dissatisfction. However, in light of the above incidents, I am becoming much more skeptical and guarded with respect to listing on Tophatter.

Anyone who knows me personally, knows that I love this boutiqe, it is not a big money maker, more like a vaccum on my wallet, but I do so enjoy making people happy.

my recent experience with tophatter is very discouraging - and I am unsurewhat more that I can do to encourage individuals to be responsible for reading the lots, or communicating specific desires/preferences.

I am very hurt

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