Sunday, August 5, 2012

Our Newest Items and HUGE promotions!

Bella Braclets and incredible boutique jewelry - we offer one of a kind designs that won't break your wallet. Our jewelry is of the highest quality and is made to impress. Never settle - Be Bold, Be Sassy and Dare to be Bella

Let's start off with the goodies!

Join our blog and you will get 5% off all purchases! How it works is you join as a follower here, then sign up at I will get an email that I have a new follower - then look for your account at bella - at which time I enter you as a "blogger" which automatically deducts you 5% on everything - even sale items. all followers down will get the same discount because I love you.

Next - we are continuing our "like us on facebook get $5 off" - for new customers or rather new Likes only.

And MY FAVORITE - buy any two sterling silver charms and get the bracelet for free!!! OK now how cool is that? I am offering through 9/1/12 because the first promotion went so well - I just had to redo.

So now - let me flaunt my most favorite items

I have been sewing like crazy - these cute wallets were created today - are meant to compete with miss vera wang and I must say - the satin liner is what does it for me....not to mention because they are sewn one at a time and not mass produced, you get that quality feel...

Now for polka dot baby bloomers - HUGE seller! I don't think I need to say more on this one.

Next our Alice in Wonderland necklace - I have sold about 15 of these in the past month - and I have gotten some very wonderful feedback on them

And some of our newest .925 core beads - Pandora eat your heart out!!!

Can't forget this gem- I sold 5 in about a week...maybe just over a week - but so far - another one that I have just gotten great feedback on.

As always don't forget to join our blog and visit our facebook page!

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