Monday, July 1, 2013

Updates! woo hoo Love new stuff!

Well my cuties - where do I start?

It's bee a crazy week or so. Business in June has been slow - but I noticed a tiny pick up. I introduced some great items including an IPAD COVER. Yes - just one design so far...but I think you will see soon some great designs.

Also a new skirt for the kiddies - this one is in browns and blues, one of my fav color combos. What I love about these skirts as they look so adorable on the little ones, and great for casual or just a nice outfit for a family outing.

Of course we have a few new jewelry pieces and some great supplies instock for my fellow artists. 


You can always get great deals on Bella items in my auctions which have super low prices, of course you do need an outbid account and a credit card.

Please sign up here for outbid. then check us out here for our auctions (including my colleagues auctions as they have awesome stuff too)

*Side note*On the home front it always gets more interesting. My mother continued to spew her hate to my husband about me. For those that don't know me, I have been seeing a therapist and I shared with her the contents of "the email" i refered to in my previous post. She said that:
"some people suffer with mental illness, and nowadays they create pills that help treat various conditions, however there is no pill for 'asshole' ".

She made some great suggestions as well as referred me to some publications/books that she felt would give me some additional insight.  Her plan is to work with me to find the right way to resolve this issue.  How to tackle it, as she feels that ignoring my mother will not help the situation ( clearly) and that there are ways to deal with rage, and hate and hostility.  But it's a long and hard road, with no easy answer.
I agree.
there is never an easy answer, and boy has it been one hell of a road.


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