Sunday, June 10, 2012

I've been getting artistic...

So recently I have been exploring wire jewelry and gemstones. For those of you who have had a chance to peek at us at - you'll notice a couple of new items. This weekend I created three special pieces which took me hours to complete, a couple of trial and errors, but the final product was completely worth it.

Probably the most expensive piece as this incorporates my 6CT amethyst with silver scrolls - the amethyst is unheated, and just cut from stone - very desirable selection - so you can imagine that I am not making a profit on this sale.

The Summertime Necklace This is just the perfect necklace to dress up any sundress or outfit for a summer BBQ - comes with a handmade pendant and Swarovski dangles - (heart is 14mm!!!)

This is my "dreamer". This took the longest to create as I wanted to scrolls to be distressed without being too broken looking. This however is only a pendant as I couldn't fit to the perfect chain - so I leave it up to you to place on the perfect chain. It is suppose to imitate my own dreams, offcenter, fragile and the color not to vivid or obnoxious, but soft. Oh - and it is very large - approximately 40mm

Now for a couple of sterling pieces I picked up this weekend. The daughter - in Sterling silver and will fit that pandora - only $12

The Hearts barrel all Sterling for your pandora only $15...(beat that PANDORA!! ha ha ha)

A couple of other cute items were added, as well! We have had been pretty busy this weekend!Including our dance recital!!!

On another note...I notice about 100 hits on my blogs but only 4 followers!?!?! Sign up people!!! -it will make be smile.

Have a fantastic Sunday!




  1. I'm always here, but how do I sign up?!

  2. As always beautiful work!! Thank you for the smiles - I desperately needed them

  3. sign up is in the lower righthand corner "join this site"

    Love you !!!! I have the best cyber friends!

  4. I am happy to report that the amethyst necklace SOLD!!!
    (going to miss that one!)