Monday, April 16, 2012

Vintage Jewelry - I LOVE IT

I love the fashion from the 20's the 30's and even earlier. The antique pendants, mother of pearl deco, and small rhinestone accents. Yes I do believe that vintage jewelry will be a HUGE hit late this year.
Some of my favorite designs include heart pendants and LOTS OF THEM!

So please let me share some of my favorite pieces which we will be selling in our boutique - if you are interested, send an email to to reserve yours.

V1 - $15

V2 $3

V3 $19 I KNOW!!! this one is absolutely stunning

V4 $3

V5 $9

V6 $15

V7 $9

Shop with Bella at - a boutique that offers the latest trends and charm bracelets all that won't hurt your wallet.

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