Friday, March 30, 2012

What would YOU buy with 640 million?

So tonight we eagerly await the mega millions drawing for $640.

Of course almost all of us that purchase a ticket, or many tickets, will not share in the jackpot, but that shouldn't stop us from dreaming!!

Imagine, you wake up tomorrow, bring in the paper maybe run into the neighbors, few minutes of idle chitchat, feed the kids, make a cup (or in my case a pot) of coffee and start your weekend. At some point you will remember to check your tickets, perhaps it will be before you start mentally recapping and prioritizing the 400 errands and honey-do items. Regardless, you silently wish just a couple of numbers would be nice. Hell, $10k would be sweet. You stare down trying to match anything up, realizing...

there is one set of numbers that stands out on your ticket. One beautiful set of digits, that it's sequence would never mean anything to you until this very moment. And that very sequence, whether a combinations of birthdays, lucky numbers, and a couple of guesstimates, just happens to appear on the mega-millions jackpot for March 30, 2012.

So I ask, we all know the first reaction we would have, we all know the basic financial plans, pay off the house or some ridiculous tremendous debt, set the kids up for college, put the money in a trust...all of those things are pretty much in everyone's dream...but what is the very first thing, the VERY FIRST thing..that you would purchase?

(while you think about that visit our jewelry boutique online...even if you don't win, I think we might have a few items that you will always makes me feel good) XO - J

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  1. do you know what I love most? when someone comments or +1's me.

    (xo and lots of hugs to angi - you rock girl)